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Laura Lovecraft

Erotica that’s not for the faint of heart!


Welcome to the sinful site of lust and taboo!


Three all new, steamy taboo tales featuring horny fathers and their not-so-sweet, eager-to-please daughters!

Come On In, The Water’s Fine - With Mom at work and the neighbors away, Tracy entices her daddy to take a sultry dip in the pool.

Work Hard, Play Hard - Alicia stops by to give her hardworking daddy a special treat.

Midnight Snack - Dad's horny, Brittany's hungry. Same thing, right?

Daddy’s Girls

Sarah is frustrated. Her husband travels frequently and when he is home, sex is not a priority, leaving Sarah to settle for toys and self-satisfaction. But when she catches her son, Tim, watching porn and taking care of himself, Sarah refuses to let him go without sex the way she does, and helps him out. Tim is surprised, but Sarah tells him it would just this one time, just once for Mom. Or...maybe not.

Just Once For Mom
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