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Erotica that’s not for the faint of heart!


Welcome to the sinful site of lust and taboo!


Anytime Tyler thanks his mom, her reply is 'that's what good moms do.' An innocent statement, but Tyler has a secret. He has it bad for his mother and wishes his good mom would do some bad things for him. The secret’s discovered when his mother finds a pair of her panties in his bed and sees what he did to them. That's when Tyler discovers there's no limit to what good moms do for their sons!

Good Moms Do...

Jimmy has a big problem. Make that a big hard problem. In need of some aspirin he accidentally took two of his father's Viagra! Now he's hard for no good reason and even masturbating hasn't caused the 'swelling' to go down. In a panic he goes to his mother and asks her what he should do. After appraising the situation, Jimmy's mom tells him to just lay back, relax, and let Mom handle this!

Let Mom Handle That
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