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Erotica that’s not for the faint of heart!


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This anthology features three hot stories of mothers and sons who won't let a little thing like Dad being around stop them from getting what they want; each other! Stories include:

- Box Lunch - Emily brings her son something sweet to eat.

- Mom Phones It In - Dad's call interrupts Austin and his mom having sex. Or does it?

- This Could Have Been You - Keith takes advantage of his dad's bad behavior.

If Dad Only Knew 2

Zack has fantasies about his mom. He watches mother-son porn all the time, and envisions his mother and him acting them out. One afternoon, his father tells him he found a mother-son video in the DVD player in his den. The thing is, it wasn't his! It wasn't Dad's movie, which left one person, Mom! Zack barely listens to his dad lecture him. All he's thinking about is...Mom has fantasies, too!

Mom Has Fantasies, Too!
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