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Laura Lovecraft

Erotica that’s not for the faint of heart!


Welcome to the sinful site of lust and taboo!


Emma and her son, Eric, moved in hopes of a new start and forgetting old pain. Instead they find a house with a history of strange things happening to families, specifically mothers and their sons. Emma doesn't believe in ghosts or curses. But when she begins having incestuous dreams and forbidden desires she believe there are forces at work. Forces that have her spellbound...for incest!

Spellbound For incest

Craig's mother, a former model, wants to get back into the business. Seeing Craig is studying photography, it makes sense for him to take pictures of her. That is, until the pictures go from fun to seductive…causing Craig to see her more as a hot woman than a mother. As Mom dresses more provocatively and teases even more, Craig wonders if he can stay a good son…or will he give in to temptation?

Tempted By Mom
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