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Erotica that’s not for the faint of heart!


Welcome to the sinful site of lust and taboo!


For Troy the day couldn’t get any better. His mom’s at work and his kinky friend Dawn has him naked and cuffed to the bed, his mother’s bed. But what the hell, mom will never find out. Things are going hot and heavy until his mom walks in. She tells Dawn to leave, but rather than let Troy go, she decides to have some fun with her bound son. After all, he's in her bed… doesn't that make him hers?

A Parting Gift

Months after the death of her husband, Karen sought solace, and much more, in the arms and bed of her oldest son, Jeff. Over the past year the two have lived as lovers and they couldn't be happier. Not only are they deeply in love, but the taboo sex couldn't be any hotter! The only problem is keeping it secret from Karen's younger son, Jimmy.

With Jimmy away at college that hasn't been difficult, but that changes when he comes back home to spend the summer. Karen and Jeff do the best they can to stay apart and keep up the act, but when they think they can catch a quickie and Jimmy catches them, the cat's out of the bag.

Jimmy is upset, but not for the reason they think. Karen assumes he's mad because what her and Jeff are doing is wrong, but she's wrong. Jimmy's upset, but not angry, he's jealous because he wants Mom, too!

I Want Mom, Too!
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