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Blake's girlfriend, Kelly, is everything he could want in a woman: smart, sweet, loving, and sexy. Her only downside is she's an absolute dud in the bedroom. Kelly's shy, nervous, has a lot of hang-ups, and Blake can never get her to relax and have fun. For some guys, that would be a problem, but Blake has his mother waiting at home, and she's always happy to prove to her son that Mom Does It Better!

Mom Does It Better

Meet Mary and Julie, two long time best friends trapped in troubled and uninspiring marriages. Despite their issues, their husbands think the two women have remained 'good women' as they should be. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Meet Mary and Julie, the two masked women behind the smoking-hot Twitter feed, Gloryhole Housewives. For these women, revenge has never tasted so sweet!

Gloryhole Housewives
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